ICRI documents

ICRI Key Documents

The work and functioning of ICRI are underpinned by several foundational documents. ICRI’s ‘Call to Action’ was crafted at the inaugural ICRI meeting in 1995 and embodies the origins of ICRI, setting out four pillars on which action to protect and manage coral reefs can be based. The Call was accompanied by a ‘Framework for Action’ which identified mechanisms by which the Call could be implemented. The Call to Action was renewed in 1998. ICRI has also adopted some light ‘rules’ set out in its Organisational and Management Procedures.

ICRI Official Documents

ICRI Members regularly adopts recommendations, decisions, host secretariat advisories and reports to attract attention on issues of serious, widespread concern. It may also adopt resolutions to guide its own functioning and activities.

ICRI Meetings Minutes

This section includes detailed General Meeting Minutes.

ICRI Publications, Reports and Posters

These include ICRI’s communication and outreach materials, publications by ICRI’s networks and committees, and other ICRI publications such as guides for managers.

ICRI and UN documents

The work of ICRI is regularly acknowledged in United Nations documents, highlighting the Initiative’s important cooperation, collaboration and advocacy role within the international arena. This includes United Nations General Assembly resolutions, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Governing Council decisions, and output documents from Multilateral Environmental Agreements such as the Convention of Biological Diversity or the Ramsar Convention.

ICRI news

This is a repository of coral reef news of relevance to ICRI.