Resilience-Based Management

At the 34th ICRI General Meeting in Townsville, Australia the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, together with The Nature Conservancy and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation convened an ICRI side event titled Managing for Resilience to consider what managing for resilience is, how it applies to the management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems as well as relationships with dependent human communities, and discuss the range of resilience based management tools and resources that are available for coral reef managers.

The workshop was attended by ICRI Members, and considered four broad objectives for Resilience Based Management:

  • Targeted communications
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Building opportunities
  • Building capacity.

ICRI members identified a range of opportunities for ICRI to expand on the outcomes of the workshop. The objectives of the ad hoc committee will be:

  • Objective 1 - Targeted Communications: Identify global, national and local RBM communication needs, priorities and key messages. Co-develop RBM communication strategies that can be scaled and tailored to meet these needs. Share best-practice examples of RBM outcomes.
  • Objective 2 - Overcoming Challenges: Identify key challenges to RBM implementation and share case studies on how these could be addressed at global, national and local scales.
  • Objective 3 - Building Opportunities: Assess the priority opportunities for RBM implementation and support member engagement and participation.
The overall objective of the ad hoc committee is to:
  • Identify supports and develop best-practice guidance on the actions that will enable members to tailor and scale up Resilience-Based Management to meet local, national and global needs.