ICRI members are encouraged to join forces by joining or participating in ICRI groups in their various forms –these groupings may be geographically or topic-based. These groups contribute to the implementation of ICRI’s objectives at global, regional and local scales.

Our Committees

ICRI’s Ad Hoc Committees focus on specific topic or issue relevant to ICRI’s functioning and objectives.

Our Networks

ICRI’s Operational Networks are its implementing arms. They provide a mechanism to act on-ground to progress the objectives on ICRI.

Our Regional Initiatives

ICRI encourages regional cooperation to define regional needs and priorities, progress ICRI’s objectives and consolidate regional nodes of ICRI’s Operational networks.

ICRI’s objectives are also implemented through UNEP’s Coral Reef Partnership which helps relevant Regional Seas achieve key international commitments relevant to coral reefs through the provision of tools and guidance to implement best practice in ecosystem-based management of coral reefs.